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Men’s wig cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your wig looking like new for a long time

Men’s wig cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your wig looking like new for a long time

1. Cleaning

  1. Regular Cleaning: Generally speaking, wigs need to be cleaned every two weeks or so. Before washing, it is best to put the wig in the net bag and let the hair strands spread out naturally.
  2. Use mild shampoo: Choose a shampoo specially designed for wigs, and avoid using shampoos containing strong detergents or alcohol to avoid damaging the material of the wig.
  3. Gently scrub: Scrub the hair bundles of the wig with your fingers. Do not brush hard with a brush to avoid damaging the surface of the wig.
  4. Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the shampoo thoroughly with water to avoid residue irritating the scalp.
  5. Use a drying cap or towel: Gently squeeze out most of the water to avoid wringing out the wig and causing it to deform.

2. Maintenance

  1. Avoid direct contact with chemical substances: Do not put the wig in contact with chemical substances such as camphor balls, so as not to affect the quality of the wig.
  2. Keep Dry: The wig should be placed in a dry place when not in use, away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  3. Regular Combing: Combing the wig regularly will help keep the hair strands tidy and shiny.
  4. Regular maintenance: If the wig has problems such as odor or yellowing, it can be sent to a professional wig care store for maintenance.

3. Precautions

  1. Do not use a washing machine to clean and dehydrate wigs because the high-speed rotation of the machine will damage the material and structure of the wig.
  2. Do not use a hair dryer to dry the wig because high temperature will destroy the material of the wig.
  3. When wearing a wig, pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid scalp infection. 

In summary, proper cleaning and maintenance is the key to keeping your wig looking like new for a long time. By washing it regularly, avoiding direct contact with chemicals, keeping it dry, and combing and maintaining it regularly, you can keep your men's hair system in tip-top shape for a long time without losing its shape.

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